2. Subject, purpose and objectives of the centre

2.1 The object and purpose of the Center is a relating to methodology of science and scientific-methods support of the accumulation process and exploring the historical and socio-political information in the field of religion and culture on the basis of comprehensive collecting, organizing, research and promotion materials related to the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its Leader - the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev carried out in the field of inter-religious and inter-confessional harmony. 
2.2 Main objectives of the Centre are:
1) Assistance to promotion at the international Kazakhstani experience interconfessional accord;
2) assistance of activization of cultural, confessional and other contacts between representatives of the countries of the near and far abroad;
3) participation in the preparation and conducting of the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions, the Secretariat of the Congress and its Working group;
4) elaboration and advancement of proposals to the global agenda of the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions, the Secretariat of the Congress and its Working group;
5) formation and positioning of the Center of the working structure of the Congresses of leaders of world and traditional religions, providing all the participants with new ideas and suggestions;
6) assistance in the implementation of the initiatives of the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions;
7) assistance to attraction to intercultural and interfaith dialogue of representatives of secular and religious mass media and youth associations, scientific and creative intellectuals;
8) assistance to establishment of contacts and to mutual understanding between religious and public figures of various countries;
9) assistance in the study of international experience of harmonization of relations in the sphere of cultures and religions;
10) assistance to the government bodies in counteraction of intolerance and xenophobia, religious extremism and terrorism;
11) identification, study and use of official and other historical materials related to the world and traditional religions;
12) methodological, scientific-methodical and information support of research and outreach activity of the Center;
13) organization of image events to promote Kazakhstan as a center of intercultural and interreligious dialogue;
14) development of scientific concepts of the main activities of the Centre;
15) promotion and dissemination of results of research, methodical activity of the Center;
16) implementation of scientific research and humanitarian projects;
17) conducting sociological research on the religious situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
18) carrying out theological examinations of various religious editions, movies, CD disks, etc.;
19) preparation and publication of handbooks, collections of scientific papers papers and magazine «Peace of accord»;
20) preparation and publication of scientific works of the Centre's staff;
21) participation in development and implementation of scientific and cultural and educational programs of the domestic and foreign organizations;
22) participation in preparation and carrying out of scientific and scientific-practical conferences, seminars on religion, tolerance and inter-religious harmony;
23) participation in formation and implementation of state policy in the field of religion and interfaith dialogue with the relevant state bodies and organizations;
24) participation in the organization and holding exhibitions and expositions on problems of tolerance and an interfaith accord, and also promotion of a state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the religion sphere; 
25) organization and holding of religious lectures for various categories of the population; 26) development of scientific and reference materials on the world and traditional religions, pseudo-religious movements and sects;

2.3 The center has no right to carry out the functions which aren't answering to its main objectives.