Religions in Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan since independence pursues a deliberate state policy in the religious sphere. The situation in the sphere of religion and interfaith relations in Kazakhstan over the past two decades has changed dramatically. One of the characteristic features of the development at this stage has been a steady increase in the role of religion in society. Increases its credibility and status, extended functions, a growing number of believers and religious associations.

Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev, speaking June 10 of this year at the plenary session on the occasion of the opening of V Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, particularly emphasized the spiritual hierarchy and the politicians on the fact that in sovereign Kazakhstan for two decades to create a successful model of co-existence of various faiths.

The religious diversity of the country, which is represented as a traditional for Kazakhstan creeds (Hanafi Islam and Christianity orthodox direction direction), and new religions and denominations, now provides social stability, peace and harmony in the state.

Despite the variety of different views, traditions and cultures, Kazakhstan remains a state where there are no conflicts on religious grounds.

The country peacefully coexist and interact with representatives of 18 denominations representing the religious interests of the multi-ethnic and multi-nation of Kazakhstan.

Religions in Kazakhstan are represented by people of different ethnic, linguistic, cultural and social groups, adhering to different religions, different religious practices and views on the world around us.

Considering that the society in our country historically and culturally focused mainly on the two traditional religions - Sunni Islam (Hanafi madhhab) and Orthodox Christianity, the most numerous religious groups are Muslim, as of November 2015 there were in 2488. They make up more than two-thirds of the total number of believers in the country.

The second largest number of followers in Kazakhstan occupies the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which has 326 religious associations.

Another Kazakhstan religious direction is the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), which has 84 religious associations.

A prominent place in the confessional Kazakhstan space occupied by the Protestant religious associations, which the country has more than 600.

Apart from the above, there are 6 of the Jewish community, 2 religious unification of Buddhism, as well as a number of other denominations.